What types of boilers do you install, repair and maintain?

We work across all boiler ranges, including system boilers, combi boilers, and regular categories. Alongside this, our operation also covers electric boilers.

In giving context to each boiler type:

  • Combi Boilers (or Combination Boilers) will enable you to get hot water instantly, as they heat it directly from the mains.
  • Regular Boilers (or Conventional Boilers) work by taking water stored in a tank in your loft (roof) and transporting it to a hot water cylinder where it is heated for consumption. With this, your radiators also need to retain some water within them.
  • System Boilers are somewhat similar to Regular Boilers, less the water tank in the loft. As a result, they save you space.
  • Electric Boilers, which as the name suggests, provide heat and hot water via your electrical supply and not combustible fossil fuels (like gas or oil).

We’ll help you arrive at the best option, considering maintenance costs, green credentials, your local energy grid, energy efficiency, and your overall outgoings.