What size of boiler matches my needs?

When we give you a choice of boiler size to install, we conduct a series of tests and examinations looking at:

Water Usage. Here we will look at the number of residents in your buildings to determine what boiler type is needed. For example, if you are living in a large family home with great demands for water, it could be the case we look at a conventional boiler to meet this need over a combi.

Space. This gets down to looking at how much room you have to house a boiler and its accompanying components. If pressed, a combi boiler may be an option as it eradicates the need for a cylinder.

Positioning. Often, we will position your new boiler in the same space from where your old one has been removed for ease and convenience. However, if we see a more suitable placement or you request it to be stationed somewhere else (e.g. a cupboard, room, loft, etc.), we can also accommodate this need.